The Natural Language Processing/Information Extraction program is a team of investigators at the University of Minnesota, Institute for Health Informatics. We use NLP/IE to process, extract, and encode information from unstructured biomedical and clinical texts, including clinical texts from the electronic health record. These techniques are then leveraged to support the invention of new healthcare and research applications and the investigation of healthcare interventions.

To learn more about our research group, please review our website.

Current Projects

BioMedICUS - The BioMedical Information Collection and Understanding System leverages open source solutions for text analysis and provides new analytic tools for processing and analyzing text of biomedical and clinical reports.

NLP-TAB - Natural Language Processing - Type and Annotation Browser is a web-based system designed to allow researchers and developers of NLP systems to compare the output of several disparate NLP systems to each other or to a manually created reference standard.

NLP-PIER - Natural Lanaguage Processing - Patient Information Extraction from Research is an Information Extraction (IE) platform that provides direct access to patient data stored in free text of clinical notes.